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Metropolitian Reseach & Education Network Research Platform(MRP) and MRP Network Moniter perfSONAR dashboard

The MREN Research Platform (MRP) is a highly distributive environment that integrates high-performance computing, networking, and storage. It provides a platform for scientists conducting data-intensive science research.

The Metropolitan Research and Education Network (MREN), an advanced regional network in seven states in the upper Midwest, is based on high-performance lightpath channels using dedicated fiber optics. Its primary connectivity exchange is at the StarLight International/National Communications Exchange Facility in Chicago, Illinois. MREN was designed and implemented as a state-of-the-art networking infrastructure to provide for a wide range of advanced digital communication services in support of data intensive research. MRP is based on the MREN network. Leveraging one of the world's most advanced high-performance broadband networks and the state-of-the-art container clustering technology, MRP offers users a Science-DMZ service for compute, network, and storage resources across multiple MREN sites. MRP enhances high-speed disk-to-disk data transfers with specialized optimization tools. MRP also provides a real-time perfSONAR dashboard that presents a set of grids with point-to-point network measurements.

For more information please refer to mren.org.
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